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It's that time of the year again folks, so head on over and start writing some stories...


For [ profile] adraekh , ASOIAF/Harry Potter, Malfoy/Joffrey, dueling.


"Malfoy," said Joffrey with a smirk. "Isn't that Tyroshi for bad faith?"
Think my name's funny, do you?" said Draco, and drew his wand. 

For [ profile] licoricealsorts , FF9, Vivi, fire.


"How do you do that?" asks Zidane as he runs his fingers across the hole Vivi burned into the ice, reaching into the dripping aperture to scoop up a vial of ether.
Vivi shrugs.
He watches Zidane's warm breath smoke in the air and wonders why they all hold fire within them but only he can cast it out.

For [ profile] adraekh , myth, Gilgamesh, regret.

The Hymn of Gilgamesh

The kingdom of Uruk is yours, Gilgamesh. our deeds are mighty, Gilgamesh, your buildings magnificent, your triumphs spectacular, you surpass all other kings, O Gilgamesh.
The guilt is yours, Gilgamesh, your lamentations silent, Gilgamesh, your quest is worthless, Gilgamesh; your hands are blood from the death of Enkidu.

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Title: All the World's A Stage
Fandom: Assassin's Creed:Black Flag.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Swearing and blasphemy
Summary: Bristol, 1695. The Nine Years' War is in full swing. English pirate Henry Every robs a treasure ship and makes his fortune, and in Bristol the son of two players embarks upon a life of piracy. Blackbeard, pregame.

A stage where every man must play his part. And mine a sad one...
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 ..and these are the fics I wrote for [personal profile] lithiumdoll  for the apocalyptothon

All That Remains are the Arms of the Angels 
Fandom: Mass Effect
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Thane Krios has killed many things, but he's never killed a world before. 
I will spend my last breath reaching for the shore...

Alaska Route One

Fandom: Pacific Rim
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Stacker saves Mako. Mako saves Stacker.
Stacker felt responsible for having failed to prevent the plague, and even more responsible for having survived it...
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It's that time of the year again...apocalyptothon!*

I was lucky enough to receive a great fic which managed to fulfill both my rarepairfest and apocalyptothon prompts: Queen In The North by brutti_ma_buoni. Go read it over here on AO3!
The story's mildly Sansa/Brienne (and anyone who needs convincing should go read the Toast's magnificent essay on the subject here).

*okay, it was apocalyptothon a couple of weeks ago: I've been busy.
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 And this is the gift I received in return, Drift, Pacific Rim by lisaroquin. Raleigh/Yancy.

"Nothing was the ideal. The Drift changed every pilot that entered it, even those that brought Nothing or Next-to-Nothing-Minimal into it. They hadn't even tried to keep it Minimal, the brought Everything into the Drift. The Drift was...the Drift."

Read the fic here
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Title: Hunting The Hare
Fandom: Game of Thrones
Rating: 15
Warnings: Innuendo and bad jokes
Summary: Catelyn learns that hunting hares means something different in the North. Written for the rarepairfest over on AO3.

I have something to tell you...

ooga chaka

Aug. 7th, 2014 09:42 pm
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Title: In the Rays of a Beautiful Sun
Fandom: Guardians of the Galaxy
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Post-movie, but no real spoilers.
Summary: The Guardians decide on a destination.

How're we meant to guard the galaxy if you're banned from half of it?

Link to the fic on AO3
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 Just when I thought I'd finally shaken off the fandom-here's a novella-length AC AU. Link to AO3, because it's late and I'm tired. Feel free to comment there or here. 

Title: We Are All Earth
Fandom: Assassin's Creed
Rating: PG13, for implied relationships and some violence
Spoilers: Yes, but come on.
Warnings: Heavily implied homosexual relationship, but it's far from the fic's focus 
Summary: Kadar survives, and joins the Templars.To prove his loyalty he must locate the Jerusalem Assassin's Bureau-and confront its rafiq.Mild Kadar/de Sable. 

When the knife reaches bone, your life must change...
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Title: All Ill-Got Gain
Fandom: Assassin's Creed: Black Flag
Rating: 16. Mature.
Pairing: Adewale/Edward Kenway
Spoilers: Yes
Warnings: Contains one paragraph of consensual homosexual pornography and eighteen pages of drama. 
Summary: Edward and Adewale share more than a difference of opinion.
A willing foe, and sea room... )
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 A very interesting and well written article here by Sarah Rees Brennan on fanfiction and its effect on her subsequent writing career. I like Rees Brennan's books a lot.  I also like fanfiction a lot. And I ALSO enjoy writing original fiction, which I do not normally post here specifically because I don't want my original works (aka 'stuff I might one day wish to show to my mother' ) associated with my fanfiction (aka 'disturbing pirate slash fic my mother would be horrified by or maybe not because I really don't want to bring up the subject with her and anyway, who's for tea')

Now back to my slash, which has decided it is apparently Not Slash. Oh well. This is why I write gen. 

(The worst thing about fan fiction, as far as I am concerned, is that it takes time away from my original works)
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For [ profile] scripps Being Human (UK), George/Mitchell, hair pulling (the pleasant kind).


George's head tingles at the touch of threadbare woollen gloves on his scalp; a pleasurable thrill that starts at his ears and trickles delightfully down his spine to his cock, where it fizzles out enjoyably in a way that has George clutching at the arms of his chair and thinking that surely Mitchell doesn't realise how much that turns him on.

"You're very quiet," Mitchell says;"what's up?"

"Oh," George gasps, "-nothing."

[ profile] silvr_dagger The Hunger Games, any Career, for I have seen no joy, only danger.


The unofficial slogan of the Hunger Games is 'may the odds be ever in your favour', but there's another slogan the careers toss around which reads, 'to the victor, goes the spoils.'

Glimmer spoils everything she touches, but she never thinks outside the box; she never considers that there might be another way and she never spoils the rules.

It is her last mistake.

For [ profile] scripps, LOTR, Aragorn/Legolas, finding excuses to see one another.


"Can't it wait?" Legolas says irritably, "I'm just testing my bow."

"You should wield an axe," says Gimli; "it's much simpler; none of those pesky tests you seem to be busy with these days."

"I'll consider it," says Legolas; uncertain whether Gimli is as oblivious as he seems or whether he is being mocked, and suspecting the latter.

He meets Aragorn anyway.

For [ profile] meridian_rose, The Borgias, Rodrigo, Power

Castel Sant'Angelo

Rodrigo stands on the summit of the Castel Sant'Angelo and thinks; not for the first time; that he walks in the footsteps of the Caesars.

He's heard that the emperors of old hired slaves to stand behind them in their chariots and whisper 'Remember you are mortal' as they rode through the crowds, and has long since resolved to taste every pleasure, every sin and luxury his power can offer before he dies.

"Remember you are mortal," the city murmurs, and Rodrigo says, "I know."

For [ profile] scrippsInception, Arthur/Eames, tease/flirt,

an old joke, but a good one

"You could have dreamed a bigger gun," says Eames.

"Maybe I don't need a gun," Arthur says, and strikes a stupid kung fu pose that doesn't sit well with his suit; "Your crouching tiger style is no match for my hidden dragon."

"You want to see my hidden dragon?" Eames says, raising one eyebrow, and Arthur can't stop himself from blushing.

For anonymous, Discworld, Sam Vimes, darkness

The light and the darkness

"Don't you need a light?" calls Sybil from the stairs when Vimes is half way down into the cellars.

The cellars are as nothing compared to the darkness of the mines, and Vimes knows that nothing more threatening than a stubbed toe lurks within their depths. He doesn't need the light, but the husband and father that he is at that moment would; so he says "Yes dear," to Sybil, and holds his hand out for the lantern that she offers.

For [ profile] scripps, Star Trek Reboot, Bones/Jim, trust.

The Hippocratic Oath

"Trust me," Bones says as he poises the scalpel over Jim's leg, "I'm a doctor, and we take an oath to do no harm."

"Does it say you have to do any good?" Jim asks through clenched teeth.

"Well," says Bones as the scalpel descends, "not as such."

For [ profile] starbrowsings, Firefly, Serenity/any, "that's my girl"


Mal has no doubt that Serenity has a soul. Only Zoe has saved his life more times than the ship, and that's if you didn't count what would have happened if Mal'd been forced to stay planetside.

He knows her moods as well as he understands the crew's-far better, in Inara's case- and as they hurtle towards Miranda, he knows they're all stressed close to breaking.

"There," he murmurs as he strokes the bulkhead; "that's my girl."

For [ profile] silvr_dagger, Pacific Rim, Newt/Hermann, There's no Lord to forgive me and physics is tricky, so all that I'm left with is you

For Science

"But it doesn't make sense," Hermann wails, one hand splayed on Newt's bare hip.

"That's because this isn't science," explains Newt."It's love."

For [ profile] betonyb, Howl's Moving Castle, Fanny Hatter, marry in haste, repent in--not if she has anything to say about it.


"Well, you know what they say," Fanny says as she glances nervously over her shoulder at Calcifer simmering beneath the grate, "marry in haste, repent at leisure."

She lifts up the tablecloth surreptitiously, as if Howl might pop out at any moment; but he is nowhere in sight so she lays it back down and tries to pretend that it never moved in the first place.

"I might," Sophie retorts, "if I had any leisure at all."

For [ profile] seasight, The Road to El Dorado/The Emperor's New Groove, a motley crew cross paths


They are somewhere in Peru when Miguel does a double take and says "Is that a talking llama?"

"Tourists!" The Llama makes a rude noise.

Chel touches his arm lightly. ""Miguel, honey, just keep walking."

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 For [ profile] silvr_dagger , Firefly, any, some of us are pirates/some of us are damned/but all of us need all of us to ever find the land


"What's that?" asks River as she peers at the Shepherd, inhaling the scent of old books in the dry shipboard air. "Is it a song?"
"It's not a song," replies Shepherd Book, "it's scripture." 
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So..., concerning the 2013 retrospective and the aforementioned Possibly Very Bad News that I'm waiting to hear...I seem to recall [ profile] ignipes  
 having a recent post about early SPN fandom and her fondness for Boys In Cages, which are two interests I also share...

So..., The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug features Thorin Oakenshield. During the events of the film, the dwarves are locked in cages. Therefore, there HAS to be fic (don't interrupt me) in which Thorin is locked within a cage. Except I cannot find it...

So...,anyone got any recommendations (or failing that, just good fic recs)
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Title: Every Third Thought Shall Be My Grave
Fandom: Pacific Rim
Spoilers: Yes, for movie.
Warnings: mild swearing, frank discussion of a character's death.
Summary: Written for azarias for the 2013 Pacific Rim Secret Santa on AO3 and the prompt: 'Herc Hansen & Stacker Pentecost'. Herc and Stacker have a heart-to heart the night before Stacker and Chuck suit up to go drop the bomb on the Big Bad of the movie. Short and introspective.

Stacker climbs until the only things above his head are glass and stars... )
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So it's a bit of a tradition to do a New Year post detailing everything that rocked, rolled and sucked completely over the last 12 months. Since I mainly use this journal for fic, let's have a roundup. 

Fics written:  10: After This Age, T'inquiete, je gere, Heirs of All Eternity, These Times and Their Players, Land of the Free, Tea Ceremony, Vegetarianism, Every Third Thought Shall Be My Grave, Yoho, and The Little Fishes and the Sharks, plus assorted comment and three sentence fics. Total: 50, 500 words (compared to 37,000 words in 2011 and 54,000 words in 2012), plus another 15,000 words of fics that are nearly or half finished, and should be going up relatively soon.

Word count: Not bad in comparison. I wish I'd written more original stories: total for 2013: 0, but it's been a tough year in many ways and writing fan fiction is one of many things that helps me cope. So overall, I'm happy with that.

Life events:moved to NZ, started a new job, celebrated three year anniversary (yay). I've met some amazing people, seen some awesome things and drunk some pretty damn good beer. So hey. I reckon it's a win.

2014: so far 2014 has been both awesome (Milford Sound in the rain has to be one of the more impressive things I've seen) and awful (concerning family news of unknown importance, I'm waiting to speak to my family about it tonight and boy does being thousands of miles away suck some times) But yeah. 
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Title: The Little Fishes and the Sharks (2/2)
Fandom: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
Warnings: Violence, swearing, and detailed descriptions of eighteenth century surgery.
Summary: Adewale is injured. Edward Kenway's solution? Steal a surgeon, of course! Final chapter, and author's notes.

As you can see, we are no pirates... )
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So AlexDore translated my Pacific Rim fic Tea Ceremony into Chinese! I don't read or write Chinese so I have no idea how accurate it is, but it is my first translated fic, so I'm very pleased! If you read Chinese check it out over here on AO3!

Thanks to AlexDore for the translation, and [personal profile] everbright for the inspiration.


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