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Or, Stuff I liked this year.
I'ts worth mentioning that as I'm hopelessly behind, the stuff I liked this year isn't particularly current, but it's still good. It's still good!

My favourite fic I read this year has to be Samarkand Nights, by Hyarrowen. It's an old fic (2011) for an old fandom (Shakespeare's Henry V, believe it or not) but anyone who has ever read any of my stuff knows that I'm a real sucker for travelogues, and this story doesn't disappoint. This is part of a series -the second story in Henry's Journey-and I'm not familiar with the characters-but my God, it works. It works well. The descriptions of the landscape and period details are spot on and very beautiful. Plus, she has another series called Jumping o'er Times where the same characters time travel and fight dinosaurs. Warning for very mild slash.

The fic that made me laugh most this year is Steve Rogers at 100: Celebrating Captain America on Film by eleveninches, Febricant, hellotailor, M_Leigh, neenya and tigrrmilk. This is a spot-on and very funny fic about Captain America and Bucky Barnes reviewing all the movies about Captain America and Bucky Barnes that have been made since Steve Rogers went away.The beginning is dry, but it warms up.Contains movie posters. It's not a new fic, so you might have read this one. Regardless, it's still ten thousand words of pure comedy gold.

The smartest fic I read this year is Wasp Harvest by Overlithe. You know how you read books by authors and realize pretty instantaneously that they're much smarter than you? This is one of the few times I've felt this in a fic. Contains historical footnotes-and you know how I love historical footnotes. Bucky Barnes's transformation under the hands-and syringes-of Armin Zola and Alexander Pierce. Warning for being extremely long and also extremely dark. I'm not kidding about the darkness, so read with the light on.


As a unicorn chaser for that last one, here's a funny piece of fluff. From A Seed by theorytale, in which Loki convinces Tony Stark he gave birth to a pot plant-mild warnings for mpreg but you know, Loki, and for a more recent fandom, You're Awful by zamwessel, in which the ginger mook from Star Wars; The Force Awakens gives Kylo Ren a piece of his mind. Or several pieces. Funny crackfic.
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It's that time of the year again...apocalyptothon!*

I was lucky enough to receive a great fic which managed to fulfill both my rarepairfest and apocalyptothon prompts: Queen In The North by brutti_ma_buoni. Go read it over here on AO3!
The story's mildly Sansa/Brienne (and anyone who needs convincing should go read the Toast's magnificent essay on the subject here).

*okay, it was apocalyptothon a couple of weeks ago: I've been busy.
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Because I've had a few comments regarding Throne of the Crescent Moon, I decided to post links to all of Saladin Ahmed's free fiction that I've found online. It's time to boost the signal, people. I'd love to see more of Ahmed's work.

Where Virtue Lives (text, @Beneath Ceaseless Skies) A direct prequel to Throne, featuring the same characters, which explains how Doctor Adoulla met Rashid)

Judgement of Swords and Souls (podcast, @Podcastle) A story set in the same world as Throne, but with different characters.

Hooves and the Hovel of Abdul Jameela (podcast, @Podcastle) Nebula finalist.

The Faithful Soldier, Prompted (text and podcast, @ Escape Pod) A sci-fi tale based on one of Rumi's poems.

Mister Hadj's Sunset Ride (podcast, @Podcastle) A weird Islamic Western

Dr Diablo Goes Through The Motions (podcast, @the Drabblecast) A short and blackly humorous superhero story)


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