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 Fics written for my prompts for the three sentence ficathon-thanks again to [ profile] caramelsilver for hosting!

There is another by [personal profile] syrena_of_the_lake for the prompt: Star Wars, any, demons and desires and dark sides

From the moment Luke told her who she really was, the afterimage of Tatooine's binary suns burned in her dreams.

Leia did not want that power; it terrified her, for all that Han (as subtle as a turbolaser) tried to reassure her with stray comments about lightsabers coming in handy or how the Force wasn't so mysterious compared to the Falcon 's hyperdrive unit.

Still, every night she was torn in two -- remembering black-clad hands that held her pinned while the only home she'd ever known was vaporized, and wondering when she woke: had Vader but known who she was, might he have thrown the Emperor down a bottomless shaft to save her from such pain?

I love this one because I expected something emo with Kylo Ren. I can't stand Kylo Ren, but Leia is awesome

Untitled by [ profile] doreyg for the prompt Marvel, Loki, and when you get damned in the popular opinion, it’s just another one of the damns you’re not giving

He's become a fairytale now, the type you tell to naughty children to keep them in line. Eat all your greens or you'll become like Loki, don't talk back to me or you'll become like Loki, stray off the beaten path - of most glorious gold - and you'll become like Loki.

And he knows that he should, quite probably, be ashamed; but, honestly, the time for that has long passed now.

2015 was the year I started to find Tom Hiddleston attractive (I blame the BBC adaptation of the Henriad in general and the random bathhouse scene in particular for this) Also, Joanne Harris's The Gospel of Loki is quite wonderful. 

Untitled by[ profile] et_tu_lj for the prompt Bond, Q/Bond, I thought you’d gone

Q does not regret defying an order, violating the Official Secrets Act, traveling to Austria illegally, or even the long, desperate night that ended in a confused embrace and a clumsy kiss; he regrets only that it has ended with 007 gone from his life forever.

Then he hears the sound of the lift. All Q can manage is a feeble remark, but Bond’s rakish smile says they're not finished quite yet.

The scene that launched a thousand ships.

Various, for the prompt Star Trek, Kirk, terrible chat up lines
[ profile] archersangel

Kirk rarely bothers with lines, trying the usual conversation starters about current events or the weather first.

But his favorite one is "If you were a phaser, you'd be set on stunning."

If McCoy is within earshot, he always snorts & rolls his eyes.

by [ profile] pasted

Bright, excited blue eyes met cloudy, serious green ones from across a crowded bar near campus, and then suddenly disappeared. Bones turns to grumble and shout when someone suddenly pushed into his stool from behind but there was a whisper in his ear that stopped him dead.

"Baby, your eyes are like a black hole, they just suck men right in," Jim Kirk couldn't help himself and nipped at his best friend's (sometimes with benefits) ear before standing up straighter and chuckling to himself in pride and chagrin.

by [ profile] zippitgood

 Sulu shouldn’t enjoy watching Jim Kirk in action as much as he does, enjoy the lightning fast flicker play of emotion, tug and pull of seduction oozing out of him even if the words he lets flow are laughable. He shouldn’t shake his head and let Jim catch his eye from across the bar and tilt his head in invitation. He shouldn’t let himself go along because that way lies danger, but then again, he’s a flyboy, what’s life without a little danger?

This prompt was ....surprisingly popular.So many lines, all so terrible. How to choose?


remix fics

May. 12th, 2014 11:06 pm
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 The Remix Redux is up at AO3! This remix was a blast and I'll definitely be participating in the future. All the stories are over here on Archive of One's Own.

I was lucky enough to receive an fantastic story: Vows and Honor (The Freedom's Just Another Word Remix), a remix of my Dragon Age fic Heirs of All Eternity by some awesome anonymous author. Go and check it out at AO3 here!  

I wrote a story for the remix as well, and I'll link to it when reveals come through.
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Title: Tea Ceremony
Fandom: Pacific Rim
Spoilers: None
Summary: Written for [personal profile] everbright for the prompt 'Mako Mori and Stacker Pentecost disagree on what constitutes tea. They work it out.'

This is not tea... )
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If you're a fan of Eagle of the Ninth (and who the hell isn't) then go read my gift fic, 'Sic Transit Gloria Mundi', written by akapina for my prompt 'Marcus and Esca plus adventure' and the Not Prime Time 2013 ficathon. It's a beautiful fic with ainteresting take on Marcus and Esca post-novel.

And if you're a real bibliophile, go read ex urbe's glorious meditation on library architecture (and the perpetual rage of michelangelo) here
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Title: Heirs of All Eternity
Fandom: Dragon Age Origins
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Mild smut, bad language, and lots of innuendo.
Ratings: A heavy PG13.
Summary: Alistair goes on a quest to slay a legendary dragon. Zevran is on a quest to get into Alistair's pants.
Written for diabla616 for the 2013 Not Prime Time Challenge and the prompt: 'Alistair and Zev are complete opposites as far as experience goes too, and they're both at extreme ends of the scale. I'd love to see a fic which deals with the uneven dynamic this could cause in a relationship, even if they aren't paired together'

"Sharpening my own blade is never the same..."

Link to the fic on AO3.


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