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So like nearly everyone else on the Internet, I spend the weekend watching Mad Max, and I still haven't shaken the urge to weld spikes on my VW Polo.
Anyway, like most other people on the Internet, I loved the movie. Who wouldn't? A feminist apocalyptic fantasy set in the desert with cool cars! The plot's similar to my favorite Mad Max movie, the second one (Road Warrior). Charlize Theron is AWESOME. I cannot emphasize this enough. And there's a whole matriarchy of motorcycle wearing grannies and holy shit I think I just found my post-apocalyptic occupation. So here we come to the real purpose of this post: if you've seen the movie too and you're geeking out these two links are REALLY sweet:

Wives, Warlords and Refugees: The People Economy of Mad Max, on Kameron Hurley (yes, that Kameron Hurley, the one who wrote 'We Have Always Fought') 's blog.Thought-provoking and apt, Hurley's blog is always worth a read.

Welcome to Your Steampunk Future (Sorry There's No Water But We Did Put Skulls On Everything) by Mallory on the Toast. The Toast is feminist and fucking hilarious. The comments aren't the best bit, but they're close.

oh and I wrote fic...

super cute

Dec. 7th, 2014 09:47 pm
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A page of hijabi cosplay. Most are anime, but the Princess Leia down the bottom of the page is by far my favourite.
Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi...
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 I especially like his version of Avicii's 'Wake Me Up"

"So wake me not-I'll dream at any cost,
For those who wander-are not always lost."
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- Modern pop songs, rewritten in iambic pentameter, at Pop Sonnets

"O sweet and noble lad, be not aggrieved,
Pray lift thyself from off the cursed ground
Thy travels long have left thee most deceived;
There is a sanctuary to be found.
They've pleasant lodgings for thee at a cost
Amenable to one of little wealth,
And pastimes there-too many to exhaust
To cleanse thy soul and fortify thy health
Let not thy pride dissuade thee from their aid
Or think I speak of what I do not know;
For in my troubled youth, 'twas there I stayed
To lift myself from poverty and woe
We've cause to thank them over and again,
This brotherhood for good young Christian men!"

Village People-YMCA

I'd also recommend Avicii's 'Wake Me Up' and Bon Jovi's 'Livin' On A Prayer' 
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..and now I am excited for the new AC game. IT LOOKS LIKE A PLAYABLE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN.Watch Blackbeard have a total mancrush on Edward Kenway here
I hope there is a mention of scurvy somewhere. I'll be disappointed if they don't have one seeing as the first proof of citrus fruit as a cure for scurvy was in 1753 and the game is set 'in the early eighteenth century'.
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Some links:

The historical accuracy of The Borgias, by Ex Urbe. Best quote: 'You have a mistress! And a daughter! And a brothel! And an elephant! And you take your elephant to your brothel! And you're stalking Michelangelo!' To which the question is, certainly, who wouldn't. Gorgeous.Link here

Cat Vincent retells the story of the man without a brain. Who was a French civil servant, apparently. Weird medical cases ahoy. Insert crude joke about France here, and follow the link

The point about drawing swords, by lindybeige. YouTube video illustrating why swords don't go 'schwing!' or why, if they do, it's just to look cool. Although it does look cool. Found while googling 'the sound of a sword being drawn in the darkness' for a WIP. It's rather disappointing to learn that 'the sound of a sword being drawn in the darkness' is similar to 'the sound of two pieces of wood being knocked softly together'. You live and learn.Vid here.
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I should really post this, the link to the new meme that ate my brain. Much easier than scifibigbang!
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Pop over to IO9 for their great article on the 36 Greatest Supervillain Songs of All Time, with links. Lots of Disney, though Portal, Little Shop of Horrors and Dr Horrible make it in. And 'Be Prepared' from the Lion King and 'Hellfire' from The Hunchback of Notre Dame only make the list as extras. Seriously?
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Now my Internet's been out for a month, hence the number of posts. Most of these have been brewing for a while, so step back as I vomit words copiously across the page. 

If the world ends before I've caught up on my quota of cat videos, it'll be a real shame.

Anyway, in honour of the 2012 non-apocalypse, have a repost of my Dr Horrible Mayan apocalypse story, Some Day This Crazy World Will Have To End , over on AO3. In case the Mayan Death Gods really do appear, check out this post on how to get drunk after the world ends at io9.

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A proper post is coming soon-plus fic! I promise! In the meantime, try one of these links...

'My Proper Tea' rant by Doc Brown.Youtube video here. Warning, profanity.
Doc Brown raps about the one subject he gets angry about-tea. I sympathise. Tea is a serious subject.

Commander Shepard is Badass Of The Week, and that's always fun. Complete with a video called 'Commander Shepard Is Such A Jerk' in which Shepard snarls and punches things. See quote above.

Fledgeling of Jerusalem by Alamut Jones on AO3. Malik takes on a stray. The author manages to work in a number of historical references, including the use of cow piss in yellow ink, and I geek out all over the comments.

Coming up: AC fic, plus nonwestern fantasy reviews of the novel that inspired AC- 'Alamut' by Vladimir Bartol, and 'God's War' and 'Infidel' by Kameron Hurley


Oct. 24th, 2012 09:54 pm
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...this is relevant to my interests

'Marriage, Money and Divorce in Medieval Islamic Society' by Yossef Rapaport.
Free -and very readable-pdf. Three out of ten marriages in fifteenth-century Cairo ended in divorce-higher that modern times. Nusaybah would have loved this one.
Read and download here.

Jan Morris' 'The Venetian Empire: A Sea Voyage.'
God, I love Jan Morris even more than I love Ex Urbe. The Venetian Empire's always fascinating and this book pairs lyrical and thought-provoking travel writing with some serious history. It's also worth checking out her travel book about the fictional city-state of Hav.
Used copies 1p on amazon here, or you can read exercpts from the book as well.

NK Jemison's pinup fanart of Oree from The Broken Kingdoms -NSFW for'artful nudity' on Jemison's blog here
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To celebrate reaching 14,000 words out of 20,000 on my [ profile] scifibigbang story, I'm posting some random links. True, it's fourteen thousand slightly different words than the fourteen thousand I started with this morning, but hopefully these are better words.

DA2 fans will know that Unreliable Narrator Varric Tethras' unreliable version of events is a major theme in the game. Aimo on deviantart mocked-up covers for several of his racier novels, including this, To Tame The Dragoness : caption 'He found the wildest witch-and got more than he bargained for!'
Dragon Age and Mills and Boone are surely two things that go better together.

Aimo also has a neat line in cute sketchcards-check out this sweet M Shepard/Joker example here (warning: guys kissing)

Check out a review of Throne of the Crescent Moon on i09 here

read Penny Arcade's take on Mass Effect 3 here

and watch a guy who loves Jack Bauer far too much sing about it here

And yes, I should do more writing but I can't post it until bloody June 30th anyway.
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No. 2386: read the hilarious blog 'Dragon Age According To Mom.'

Mom: y
Mom: y do they need other wardens
Mom: they have me

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A brilliant cover of Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used to Know' by WOTE. They're getting tired of sharing one guitar between five people.

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...time for linkspam...

The blog of the amazing Matt Rhodes, Mass Effect concept artist extraordinary and frequent contributer to the tumbler Women Fighters in Reasonable Armour.  

A wonderful tumblr of Islamic art and architecture. My imaginary fantasy world looks like this.

Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant. The perfect webcomic for anyone's who's missing AC:Revelations.
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In a vain attempt to combat the spectacular LiveJournal Fail which has made me take three quarters of an hour to post one piece of goddamn writing, I'm posting a few links to Really Cool Stuff I've discovered over the last week.

Number one is [ profile] scott_lynch's awesome comment on Orson Scott Card's dumbed-down version of Hamlet, 'The So-Much Less Gay and Not Written with Gay Big Words version of The Chronicle History of Henry the Fifth, formerly by William Shakespeare.' "I have wasted my life playing cards. I'm glad I realized this before I was tricked into even worse things, like in bath houses."  

If you're not into Shakespeare parody, allow me to suggest the incredibly beautful Orientalist webcomic 'Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant' by Tony Cliff, a 'tale of adventure and action told in illustrated fashion.' Indeed. 

If you fancy a snippet of weird history instead, then head to the Wikipedia page on the Book of Roger ,also translanted as 'the book of pleasant journeys into faraway lands' an 1154 map notable for 1/ being the most accurate world map made at that period and 2/ being engraved on a massive tablet of solid silver.  Memorably described England in one sentence as 'The people are brave, active and persevering, but the land is locked in the grip of perpetual winter.' Snerk.

If you're interested in more literary diversions, go find Podcastle(audio) or Fantasy Magazine (text) for author Carrie Vaughn's fantastic story  'A Hunter's Ode to His Bait.'  It's dark as unicorn blood can be and contains some slight kink-though nothing near as bad as I was expecting from the Podcastle warning. Her story Amaryllis is also recommended.  

If you feel like perpetrating fic yourself, head over to [ profile] girlsavesboyfic and sign up for their fic challenge. The girl saves the day, in 750 words or over, signups Sept 1st-9th, fic due Oct 1st-14th.  

Now to rewrite a few pieces of original fiction that I've been putting off for the last few weeks....  
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Wall-crawling Assassins make another appearance in the awesome comic Oglaf.
Read it here...
Warning: Although the strip linked is completely worksafe, Oglaf comics in general are beautifully drawn, laugh-out-loud funny and often seriously NSFW. Mostly one-shots but if you decide to do an Archive Binge, you'd be better off starting from the beginning. 
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It's come to my attention after posting the link to the AC Critical Miss comic on the Escapist that there's an even better Critical Miss where they parody the Old Spice ad with Garrus from Mass Effect.Check it out via this link.
....I love the internet sometimes *dies* But I have to go...I'm in the middle of some calibrations.
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In response to the previous post:


I have received, at last count:

*A page of dreadful mens' fashion photos, circa 1970/1980s. Men In Belted Sweaters, ohboy.

*A page of phone autocorrect errors. Link here. I especially liked 'Do you and Daddy want to come over at six for fondling?' Fortunately my parents have mobile phones but hardly use them, so I will never be in that particular situation. Thank God.   

*A link to an ebay auction for a cycling jacket/invisibility cloak. Not for Harry Potter fans, because this jacket is adult size.

*A amazon ad for a kids' book called Go the Fuck To Sleep

*A video of a three-toed sloth crossing the road. Stretchier than you'd think.

*Silly Assassin's Creed comics. Here and here.

*A link to two Penny Arcade strips mocking A Song of Ice and Fire and The Name of the Wind.ASOIF one here, TNOTW here

*Some beautiful Tarot card art that while not funny is pretty damn amazing.

*Sinfest. Which I had forgotten about for years until now.True quality here.

*A link to Fuck Yeah Art Student Owl, in which an owl with a cigarette makes witty hipster comments.So, so true.

I love you guys. Keep 'em coming.


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