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If you like soft core gay smut set in the manly world of men's adventure novels, when manly men screwed other men and small animals were desperate for the taste of human flesh, then head on over to [ profile] s2b2 to check out my story 'Deadly Scorpions Ate My Shirt!' illustrated by the wonderful [ profile] quaedam .So good, the exclamation mark is IN THE TITLE. Just like Westward Ho! 

Check out the amazing illustration!

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 Why is world-building so *&^£&%£* HARD? 

Over the last six months I've researched (among other topics) ancient Persia, daily life in ancient Persia, daily life in the medieval Arab world, slam and science fiction, the Greco-Persian wars, the trade routes of the Venetian Empire, the atlas of true names, the Grand Tour, Hashashin, trans-Saharan trade,  alchemy, the School of Night, the Book of Learning By Example, Persian masculine names, demiurges, the emerald tablet, greek sea gods, Melek Taus, medieval demographics, the Sassanid Empire, the Abbasid Caliphate, the Persian Empire, Zoroastrianism, transport links and times in Middle-Earth, Renaissance astrological magic, Renaissance hermetic magic, the Book of Roger, the Ummayyad conquest of Hispania, Shakespeare, calligraphy, the dead city of Serjilla, the military history of Iran, the sunnah of wearing kohl,  writing fight scenes, and troubadours.

I still haven't come up with a workable society, system of magic, or plot. THIS. THIS is why I write fan fiction. BECAUSE EVERYBODY knows what the setting is already.  

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Title: Salt and Ashes
Fandom: Original. Written for [ profile] s2b2 'historical romance' issue 24
Rating: R
Warnings: Gay Aztec sex. Don't let it put you off.
Summary: Historical slash fiction. Read here at the shousetsu bang* bang archive.People seem to like it. I am pleased.
Salt And Ashes

I don't usually write slash, but I *do* write historical fiction, so when I read this month's prompt I was undecided whether or not to submit anything. I did, of course, and I'm glad I did.

Mesoamerican history is endlessly fascinating.I never got taught any of it in school, so it's new and exciting in a way that say, North American, Irish, or English history isn't.The one thing I knew was that the Aztecs (Mexica) didn't have wheels (true, they lived on a lake surrounded by a lot of pointy mountains and had no draft animals, so there wasn't much point) They also had one of the largest cities in that period. They had an incredibly sophisticated civilisation. And yes, they sacrificed people.

I didn't know whether or not to put human sacrifice in Salt and Ashes. It's the one thing everyone knows about the Mexica, but then, it's also the one thing everyone knows about the Mexica. It went in, because by then I'd made my main character a priest, but I had deeply ambivalent feelings about including it.

Take Apocalypto, for example. It's Mayan, (similar culture, further to the south) but set in the same time period as this story. The film is the best film about Mayan civilisation I've ever seen. It's also the only film about Mayan civilisation I've ever seen, but that's beside the point. The film goes out of its way to make the city folk seem bizarre. There are corpses (lots of them) and blood (lots of it), and as the wonderful Jonathan Dalton of the webcomic Lords of Death and Life says, none of it was untrue. You can't look at any one element of the film and say 'The Maya didn't do that'. Including the sacrifices.* Especially the sacrifices.

Whether the film gives a balanced portrayal of the Maya civilisation is a whole different question.

But anyway. Enjoy the story. I enjoyed writing it. I could have happily spent longer writing about the crazy mid-and post-Conquest adventures of Zolin and Matlal and their forbidden god-sanctioned love, but it's time to move on.

*although the Maya probably wouldn't have had piles of sacrificed corpses lying around all over the place. They would have been eaten.
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The story was written for Heaven and Hell month at the community 'the book of imaginary beasts', who I can't seem to link directly to, for some reason.

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Title: The Crimes of Xocoyotl
Fandom: Original
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Creative use of Aztec mythology
Summary: An old woman must help her murdered husband journey to Mictlan, the land of the dead.

Life and death were twin flowers on a single stalk... )
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 yeah, self-indulgent ramblings ahead. So sue me.
I seem to have been more than usually prolific lately. So I decided to track my stories over the last six years.

2003: Government Bloodhounds (16 chapters) The beginning of South Down The Coast
Total: 89,139 words

2004: Most of South Down The Coast (20 chapters)
Total: 195,115 words
2005-6: Recovering The Satellites (21 chapters)
Total: 236,161 words

2007: Bad Education. Loetzinn. Brother, Can You Spare A Dime.London Calling. A Hive of Scum and Villainy.
Total: 20,501 words

2008: In The Service of the Queen.The Needy and the Wayfarer. The Cross and the Sword. Bridges to Babylon. The Subtleties That Make Mass Murderers. And in My Best Behaviour. Still Alive (smut). The Engineer's Elephant (original) Newton's Third Law (original and smut) The Second Storey Men (original) The Tale of Colonel Blackheart and the Voodoo Zombie Tigers (original)
Total: 37,357 words

2009: How to Save a Life. The Straight Path. The Favour of Heaven. Sunday, Bloody Sunday. In God's Country. Both Worlds as our Companion. In the Heavens, a Fire Seen. Some Day This Crazy World Will Have To End. Third Chance. Heartland. As the Sparks Fly Upwards. This Course of Fortune. Better (smut) Tooth And Claw (also smut) People Who Love to Tell Lies (original) The Graveyard of Lost Cities (original)
Total: 29,126 words

2010: Only the Devil Laughed. Pilgrimage. Murderer. The Walking Dead. The Length of God's Patience. Cities In Dust. A Laptop Like You. Of Hell And High Water (in progress) The Crimes of Xocoyotl (original, in progress)
Total so far: 52,509 words.

So.The epic fics I did between 2003 and 2005 don't really count, as I was churning out 20 pages of dubious quality every fortnight and not really beta-ing. Plus I was revising pretty much solidly for the whole of those years, and the fanfiction was just to relax in the evenings. Did I mention I had no social life? Looks like I'm doing well this year, but I need to work on my original stuff. I think there was some writing quote I read once about having to write a hundred thousand words of crap out of your system before you could even think about writing anything half-decent. I think they need to revise that estimate upwards.
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 Why, oh why is it so damn hard to find any readable, decent and unbiased books on the Islamic Golden Age?
If anybody knows of any, please let me know.
Yours Sincerely
From a frustrated writer of Arabic steampunk.
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Title: The Engineer's Elephant
Fandom: Original
Rating: PG
Warning: Unbridled creativity
Summary: On the eve of a war, two engineers take a fantastic royal commission. Of course, it's not like they have much choice....

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Title: The Second Story Men
Fandom: Original
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Petty theft and larceny
Summary: A burglary in Victorian London has some interesting consequences.

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Title: The Wanderer
Fandom: Original
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Mention of highly embarassing diseases
Summary: A traveller meets a mysterious girl on a beach and discovers that she is more than she seems.

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Title:The Tale of Colonel Blackheart and the Voodoo Zombie Tigers
Warning:Tigers of the voodoo zombie variety.
Summary:An adventure story with a difference

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My short story, the wanderer is finally up over at the book of imaginary beasts! Go check it out!
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 Title: Newton's Third Law
Rating: 18
Warnings: Sapphic sex and squirrel dissection
Summary: An original short story written for bb_shousetsu's 2008 yuri special.



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