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  So I went to see Judge Dredd tonight.

Things I Liked:
  • An impressive performance by Karl Urban's chin.
  • Equally impressive performance by Lena Headey and Olivia Thirlby. 
  • Female characters wearing sensible armour. Hell, just female characters.
  • Realistic and gory violence, rather than guys just falling over. There is no kill like overkill.
  • Best use of 3D glasses to display said gory and realistic violence yet seen. 

Things I Disliked:
  • Psychic cop's lack of helmet totally an excuse to expose face of attractive blond woman.
  • Failure to display face of attractive male Karl Urban.
  • Motorcycle riding position horrendously uncomfortable.
  • Million dollar reward for head of Dredd, divided between four and adjusted for inflation, would purchase maybe one sandwich.
  • World consists entirely of a megacity in a desert. Lack of resources and raw materials (eg food, petrol, bullets, drugs (recreational/medicinal),  cool motorbike parts, and leather for Judge outfits) problematic if not impossible*. 

You have been judged :)

* Although I'm sure pretty much any writer could handwave it, given the chance.  
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So Making Light has posted an epic List of Fanfiction Recs. With more recs in the comments. Should you also wish to lose a day of your life, the post (Some Reasons I Read Fanfic) is over here

It wasn't like I had much planned today, anyway*

*apart from MOT-ing my bike, going for a run, visiting the bank, buying Judge Dredd tickets, purchasing cat food, cleaning out the fish, general tidying, and cleaning out the windowsills because the guy came to put new glass in yesterday and his expertise in glazing didn't extend to cleaning up after himself. And the Drabblecast, because there's a new Monette and Bear Boojum story.
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So Reg's Mom has finally finished ME3 on Bioware According to Mom. God I love that game. So does she, by the look of things. I hope they do DA2 next. Aw.

In honour of the occasion, here's a link to my favourite post-game ME3 fic 'The Parting Glass' by spicyshimmy on AO3. Massive spoilers, obviously.

And a shout out to my current reading material: Penguin's abridged version of Al-Mas'udi's 'The Meadows of Gold'. Gotta love this book. Gotta love any book where the author discusses the importance of asking lots of questions and not accepting everything people say, especially the parts about baby rhinos sticking their heads out of their mothers' wombs to eat grass and then going back in for a rest. 
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I've noticed a lot of 'six word story' and 'one sentence story' challenges on the writing blogs at the moment, so I though I'd blog about one of my favourite genres of short story writing: songs.

Most storytelling songs I know are folksongs, but stories can be told using other sorts of music. The best sort of storytelling songs leave you longing for sequels in the same way a good book does, or sink you into someone else' s story so deeply you have to pull yourself out when the last bars fade away.

My personal favourite is Cry Cry Cry's hauntingly acoustic cover of James Keelaghan's 'Cold Missouri Waters' ,a confession tale based on the true story of the Mann Gulch Fire of 1949, in which thirteen men lost their lives. Told from the perspective of the smokejumpers' foreman, Wagner Dodge, the song describes in chilling detail how Wagner and one other man survived by setting an escape fire and letting the fire burn out around them. I still remember hearing 'Missouri Waters' for the first time as part of a cover CD I'd made at random for my car. I automatically wanted to find out more about it. Who were these men? Did it really happen? What went so wrong?

Cry Cry Cry (James Keelaghan cover): Cold Missouri Waters.

Link here

'So that the reason that you came?
Get it off my chest, before I check out of the game.
Since you mention it, there's thirteen things I'll name
Thirteen crosses high above the cold Missouri waters...'

The song that started this rant-and my obsession with folk music.

Richard Shindell: May

No youtube link for this one: this is Shindell's website.

So May, take care of the kids,
Tell them I love them,
I'll send a few quid when I can.
I know this is no kind of life
But you've got to be strong
When you're a fugitive's wife.

Shindell's speciality is stories. This song's told from the viewpoint of a man on the run from the law (for what, where?) calling home to his family.

Bob Dylan: Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts

Youtube here

'Lily took her dress off, paraded away.
'Has your luck run out?' she laughed at him
'Well, I guess you must have know it would someday.''

A classic. A daring robbery takes place in a western cabaret. The owner is murdered-could the culprit be his wife, his mistress, or the daring conman Jack of Hearts?

Townes van Zandt: Pancho and Lefty.

Link here to folksong cover site Cover Lay Down, for a free download of Gillian Welch's cover here.

'Pancho was a bandit, boys
Horse as fast as polished steel
Wore his gun outside his pants
For all the honest world to feel...

Another classic. The Butch and Sundance of folksongs. I found it on a soundtrack for the TV show Supernatural.

Full Frontal Folk (Dave Carter cover) Cat Eyed Willie Comes to Claim His Lover

Another free download via Cover Lay Down here. Scroll down for the song then right-click 'save as.'

'Now he has had away her coat of leather
And he has had away her daisy dress,
But as he slumbers in her bed of feathers,
She breaks a silver dagger in his chest.'

This one's more of a typical folk song, in that it's creepy and depressing. A man wins a girl in a card game, and she kills him. Dave Carter is the king of lyrical Americana.

Stan Rogers: The Wreck of the Mary Ellen Carter

Youtube link here.

So you to whom adversity has dealt a bitter blow
With smiling bastards lying to you everywhere you go
Turn to and put out all your strength of arm and heart and brain
And like the Mary Ellen Carter, rise again.'

The tale of a heroic effort to raise a sunken ship, this song's unusual in that it actually saved someone's life. When the Marine Electric out of Virginia sank in 1983, the first mate kept himself conscious-and alive-by singing the song over and over. He was rescued after four hours in the freezing ocean-and survived.

Josh Ritter: The Curse.

Music video here.

'The days quickly pass,
He loves making her laugh
The first time he moves it's her hair that he touches,
She says 'Are you cursed?'
He says 'I think that I'm cured.'
The he talks of the Nile, and the girls in bulrushes...'

If Pancho and Lefty goes well with Supernatural, then the Curse fits the Mummy franchise like a glove.I do love me some Josh Ritter, but most of his songs, although lyrical, don't really qualify as stories. This is one exception.

I've posted some links to my favourite storytelling songs abovew. Which ones do you like? Which songs make you think? I've posted links to youtube files of the songs below, but can post a zip file of them all if people are interested. 


Apr. 9th, 2011 10:30 pm
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There is an Assassin's Creed kinkmeme over at [ profile] forkinsocket ?


EDIT: And one of the prompts is 'The assassinated Duke of Milan in the Lineage cinematic had no pants. Please have Giovanni make a comment about this, preferably in some context to Lorenzo. :)'

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 I listen to a lot of SF&F podcasts, but it's been a while since a story grabbed me by the throat. So I was delighted when I found the Drabblecast two-parter Mongoose by Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear. It's a tall tale about an itinerant monster hunter and his space cat with strands of Cthulthu, Kipling and Lewis Carroll. Norm Sherman of the Drabblecast gives the story the summer movie treatment with a full cast and some truly gruesome alien sound effects.   Four stars.
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 If any of you are into Japanese literature, you should go and read the awesome fic On the Moonlit Road of Dreams by the extremely talented mithen. It's a fantastic Heian-era mystery story where Sei Shonagon, author of the Pillow Book, and Murasaki Shikibu, author of the Tales of Murasaki, solve a crime by, among other things, identifying the manufacturer of a particular brand of perfume.Happy reading!
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No, not with fic (don't be silly) but finally back online after 7 months of travelling! Expect fic soon, and go read some of Saladin Ahmed's gorgeous short stories over at [ profile] saladinahmed !  
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I don't post much about non-fandom-related stuff here, but I've been a fan of the three Escape Artists podcasts (Escape Pod, Podcastle and Pseudopod) for a long time now. I've also got more than a passing interest in the history and culture of the Middle East. Edward Morris's great story Jihad Over Innsmouth pushed all my buttons right at once. It's a dash of H.P Lovecraft wrapped up in an alarmingly topical package; a hybrid of Assassin' Creed, Supernatural and United 93. It even fits into a neat thirty-minute package. So if you've got a long car drive, a session at the gym or even just a half-hour walk to work planned, I recommend it.
'Jihad over Innsmouth' by Edward Morris
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Best. Line. Ever.

Check this out:

I never rec anything on my lj (mostly, I just ignore it) so you know this has to be good. Joss Whedon's online supervillain musical. Free online until midnight the 20th July.



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