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So the remix fics have finally been revealed for Remix _Redux 11! My story Paragons Prefer Blondes (a retelling of silentstephi's fic charming not-quite -romance Wrong Blonde) is up over at AO3. It's the first time I've participated, and it was lots of fun! The idea is that you take someone's story and retell it in a different style. I must add that silentstephi was incredibly gracious about my retelling of her story as a bad romance novel.    

Title: Paragons Prefer Blondes 
Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins 
Pairing: Warden/Anders, Warden/Alistair, Warden/Everyone
Rating: 15, for bad sex jokes rather than actual content
Spoilers: Yes  
Warnings: Bad writing, bad romance, bad sex, bad puns, and bad decisions. You have been warned.
Summary: Varric's newest romance novel isn't going down well with his editor. A rewrite of silentstephi's fic Wrong Blonde.

I don't use a pseudonym...

remix fics

May. 12th, 2014 11:06 pm
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 The Remix Redux is up at AO3! This remix was a blast and I'll definitely be participating in the future. All the stories are over here on Archive of One's Own.

I was lucky enough to receive an fantastic story: Vows and Honor (The Freedom's Just Another Word Remix), a remix of my Dragon Age fic Heirs of All Eternity by some awesome anonymous author. Go and check it out at AO3 here!  

I wrote a story for the remix as well, and I'll link to it when reveals come through.
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 I am so, so sorry.

I just really wanted to participate, that's all. The list of qualifying fandoms excluded most of my favourites (Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy) and I haven't written enough to be eligible in most of my more recent fandoms (Pacific Rim,Hobbit, Game of Thrones). Dragon Age barely made the cut (six stories, two of them written for the annual scifibigbang and thus over 25,000 words) and about half the fics are older Origins stories. 

So.Feel free to remix one of my other stories (I think the challenge gives that as an option). Or stick with Dragon Age. There's some three sentence fics on my AO3 account as well. Short is good. Long is good, if you're feeling the urge. I will not be offended. Seriously. You could replace every other word with 'biscuit' and I'd still read whatever you wrote. Write your story backwards, sideways, upside down, in the style of Twilight or from the point of view of a chair mentioned in the fourth line of scene two. All I ask is that you have fun.

But if you don't feel like slogging through thirty thousand words of pretty damn depressing story if you just don't like my style, don't feel like you have to. I haven't got the time to write thirty thousand words for this and I'm certainly not expecting it in return.

Dragon Age fic summary:

Long fics:

The Shadow of the Flame. Pre-game Alistair and a bunch of other Templars go on a mission.The mission ends badly.  Gen. Nearly 30,000 words. Warning: depressing and violent.  

A Magician and a Gentleman: Pre-Awakening Anders backstory. Gen, Nearly 30,000 words. Warning: depressing.

Short(er) fics

On A`Sea of Fleur de Lys: Pre-game Leliana. 3,500 words for the femgenficathon 3 years ago.

Red Queen: Post-game Alistair/Isabella, non-explicit. 4000 words.

Heirs of All Eternity: Alistair/Zevran, non-explicit.5200 words for the Not Prime Time ficathon.

A Very Perfect Gentle Knight: Alistair/Morrigan. 2,500 words. Another old one.

So pick your poison. I'm sorry that none of my three sentence fics were eligible (damn those short and punchy sentences). Hopefully you like a challenge.


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 Back from holiday and ready to dive back into work and fandom. I love the internet (seriously, what did we do without it) but it's great to have a couple of weeks lived solely in real life.

My fic Resurgam (Batman Begins) has been translated into Russian by Riddle_TM at AO3. If you speak Russian, go read it over here.

I've signed up for the remix_11 AO3 challenge-though not without some problems. Eligibility for a fandom is determined by five stories of 500 words or over or seven stories of 100 words or over in a list of prespecified fandoms. (sadly not including Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed or Final Fantasy) This excluded a good portion of my fic (seriously , how can only ONE of my three sentence stories be over 100 words) but I just scraped in with Dragon Age, a fandom for which I have written six stories, including two big bangs of over 25,000 words. I can only apologise to my recipient. Signups close today over here 

Games: still pirating with AC4

Books: just finished MK Hobson's Native Star series (would highly recommend) and I'm looking forwards to reading Max Gladstone's Three Parts Dead about which I've heard great things.

News: Looks like the new AC game is set in the French Revolution. Time to reread Dylan Meconis' webcomic Bite Me!


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