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Title: Every Third Thought Shall Be My Grave
Fandom: Pacific Rim
Spoilers: Yes, for movie.
Warnings: mild swearing, frank discussion of a character's death.
Summary: Written for azarias for the 2013 Pacific Rim Secret Santa on AO3 and the prompt: 'Herc Hansen & Stacker Pentecost'. Herc and Stacker have a heart-to heart the night before Stacker and Chuck suit up to go drop the bomb on the Big Bad of the movie. Short and introspective.

Stacker climbs until the only things above his head are glass and stars... )
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I love unexpected Christmas gifts. This Christmas I got a card from the UK that was especially touching simply because it came completely out of the blue. Likewise, I submitted my Pacific Rim Secret Santa fic weeks ago, and it's been busy at work know.

So it was especially great to receive this fic 'Birthdays and Years' from an anonymous benefactor in exchange. It's a great story which can be summed up as 'It takes a Shatterdome to raise a child.' Go read, leave comments and kudos, and take a moment to read the other stories in the exchange.
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I wrote [ profile] masseffect secret santa fic for [ profile] susako!

You have to love livejournal challenges. This fic took me ages, partly because the prompt (Anything wintry with the Mass Effect crew) that I chose was so broad and mostly due to my own lack of imagination. After a month of writer's block I sat down at my computer and this came out. I also started a Christmas-themed AC Malik-centric fic, but that's beside the point.

Title:The Company of Stars
Fandom: Mass Effect
Spoilers: None
Warnings. None. It's completely PG!
Summary: The Normandy crew make an unexpected discovery in deep space, and Garrus nearly shoots down Santa Claus.

Read more )
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I have [ profile] masseffect secret santa fic from [ profile] doomhobbit , whose wonderful Xmas gift included mixes for my ME fics Cities In Dust and The Importance of Names, as well as the epic fic Diary of a Space Hamster. 

Go read the fic here!
Music mixes for those who are interested are here.


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