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More three sentence fics!

Synonym, for the prompt Guardians of the Galaxy, any, misfits

Rocket waves, though the movement threatens to overbalance the grenade launcher balancing precariously on his shoulder, “See you later, savages,”

“Ravagers,” corrects Yondu.

Rocket shrugs, “Same thing.”


Striptease, for the prompt Any, any, that wasn’t supposed to happen

“Come on,” Rey says, “Show us.”She doesn’t expect Poe to agree, and they’re both surprised when the pilot turns his back, shimmies out of his shirt, sheds his clothing piece by piece to a slowly whistled accompaniment, and dives into their bed wearing just a sock on his left foot.

“If you-if
either of you-tell anyone I just did that,” he says to Finn, “I’ll kill you.”


Harder,better.faster.stronger, for the prompt Mass Effect, Saren, hello darkness

Saren groans as Sovereign’s machines strip out his nerves, draining blood and lymph and layering his muscles with carbon nanotubes. The wires twine inside him. Sovereign, sensing his distress, injects sophorics, and Saren welcomes sleep.


Safety Starts At Home, for the prompt Mass Effect, Shepard (either gender)/Garrus Vakarian, scars

“What about this one?” says Shepard, stroking the turian’s scars, “Thresher maw?”

Garrus winces. “Walked into the damn bathroom cabinet.”


Employment, for the prompt any/any, someone accepting that having made mistakes makes them stronger because failure has taught them caution and mortality

“...all that disability discrimination bullshit.”

Malik pauses on the far side of the door, hand curling into a fist. He has long accepted his mutilation as the price of a past and painful lesson in caution, but as he hears glass shatter inside the room, he reflects that Altaïr has not shared his experience. 


Falsehood, for the prompt any/any, someone making excuses, which only pisses off the person they’re trying to justify themselves to..

Marîd’s explanation stuttered to a halt as Malik held up his hand. “The ability to lie effectively is not a tenet of the Creed, but it is a necessary aspect of our work. Marîd, report to Rafe for weapons practice, and next time you lie to me, make it something I’ll believe.”


Best Seat in the House, for the prompt Mass Effect, Shepard & Anderson last scene 

“You did good, son,” Anderson says, “you did good, I’m proud of you.” His head slumps onto his chest as his eyes fix on the horizon, smiling at the endless stars. Shepard never lives to find the drawer full of letters Anderson addressed, but did not send, and the captain never had the chance to tell Shepard where to find them.



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 Fics written for the three sentence ficathon-thanks to [personal profile] caramelsilver for hosting!

Poetry, for the prompt Game of Thrones: Littlefinger/Sansa Stark, when he’s away he writes her every day

Petyr Baelish is no poet.

He is a clerk, and he writes like a clerk; meticulously, each sentence a mathematical process totalling to an inevitable conclusion. Dearest Sansa, he writes, ending the letter Thinking of you with great affection, because he is a clerk and a cynic, and he cannot admit love.

Suck Squeeze Bang Blow, for the prompt BSG, Kara/Lee, mechanics

They make love in the shelter of a Viper engine as wide as Lee is tall. The engine is greasy with oil when they press their hands against it, slick and curved in all the right places. Kara’s heart beats like a four-stroke in her chest as Lee slides into her, hips pistoning, and she wishes she knew love like she knows engines, a simple mechanism that she could understand.

Lift us up, o lord, that we may see further, for the prompt Firefly, Book, still flying

The crew stand together at the port and watch the ship sail into the black.  As her engines shrink to stars Mal turns to River, who has the keenest sight, and she shades her eyes, peers into the distance, and says “He’s gone.”

They are just about to turn away when she whispers, “Somewhere, he’s arrived.”

Things Could Be Worse, for the prompt Musketeers, Porthos/Flea, relationship.

“We walk in different worlds,” Porthos says gravely, but the sentence isn’t quite as convincing as it sounded in his head.

“Last time I looked, the Court of Miracles was still a part of France,” Flea tilts her head, dirty blonde hair cascading onto her shoulders. “Now if you were English, that would be a different tale.”


Closing Time,  for the prompt Force Awakens/Sucker Punch, that AU where Poe pays his way through flight school by moonlighting at the cabaret 

The tips are lousy tonight. Poe Dameron’s pockets are light as he crosses the street towards the transit, humming a song he’s got to have word-perfect by tomorrow. As he passes between the spotlights of the streetlamps he gazes at the bleached-out sky and remembers something he heard someone say: we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. 


Drowned Ships, for the prompt Pacific Rim, Mako & Stacker, into the deep

Strange things drown within the deep; wrecked ships, and fish with phosphorescent eyes. Mako treads carefully as silt clouds the water around their Jaeger’s feet. She sees the dark shape of Striker Eureka at her side and wonders what it would be like to never see the sun. 

Ensnared, for the prompt Secret of Kells, Aisling, I am no bird and no net ensnares me

The fibres of the net are smeared with bird-lime, and they trap her wings. Aisling shifts into a wolf and crashes through the net, tearing small holes into larger ones. Though she has no voice in this form, she thinks it will take more than that as she runs into the forest, and the huntsmen get the message.

Radiator, for the prompt Mad Max: Fury Road, any, thirst

When Max reaches the village, they’ve poisoned the well. Smears of rainbow scum float on the black water. He waits a decent amount of time before he unscrews his radiator cap and siphons out a measured handful of water, enough to keep him moving and alive.


How to survive spaceflight, for the prompt Star Wars, Poe & BB-8, I can always talk to you

BB-8 often wishes it could talk.

Poe Dameron can-and does-talk fluently in seven galactic languages, once for three days straight and sometimes in complete sentences.

BB-8 has so much dirt on Poe Dameron, it is unbelievable.


Do you want to hear about the deal I’m making? for the prompt MCU, Loki/Jane, deal with the devil 

“This is not how it works,” protests Loki.

Jane poises her pen over the paper, which is also a tablet of stone and a book with golden clasps and a sheet of rune-engraved ice. “Of course it is,” she says, eyes stinging from three sleepless nights, “Now let’s review the contract.”

Dustland Fairytale, for the prompt Mad Max: Fury Road, any, Wasteland songs

Furiosa does not sing. As for Max, he barely makes any sound at all. But on clear nights they climb the pillars and listen to the people’s songs flying ‘cross the wasteland like a banner; we are still here, and this is still our home. 


Love The Way You Lie, for the prompt The Musketeers, Athos/Milady, These days he doesn’t know if it’s love or hate that he feels

Athos rips her portrait from the frame and weeps as he glues it back. Over time, the glue weakens and the canvas doubles over, folding until the crown of Milady’s painted head touches her glossy décolletage. Athos does not mend the portrait, but he often wakes wishing that he’d saved it from the fire.


If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail, for the prompt Star Wars, Ben/Poe, a shell of yourself 

“I could strip away everything you are,” Ren hisses as he drags Poe’s head back by the hair, “leave you a shell of yourself, can’t fly, can’t even walk, would you like that?”, and despite himself Poe looks past the black clothes and the mask and sees a kid younger than he is, a kid with too much power and not enough control.

“If you could,” he says, struggling to keep his voice even, “you would have done it already.”

He hears Ren growl behind the mask as his anger ignites, and knows he’s right; knows that Ren’s no torturer, that there’s no finesse there and no precision, but then Ren’s rage punches through the Force and into Poe, and Poe’s knowledge is no comfort, for he has no defences left.


Dirge, for the prompt Imperial Radch, Justice of Toren, the ship that would not stop singing

Justice of Toren does not balk at bringing civilisation to the masses. That is justice, after all. But secretly she wonders if the Radch-if Anander Mianaai- will only halt expansion when the whole universe sings the same sad song.   

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 Fics written for my prompts for the three sentence ficathon-thanks again to [ profile] caramelsilver for hosting!

There is another by [personal profile] syrena_of_the_lake for the prompt: Star Wars, any, demons and desires and dark sides

From the moment Luke told her who she really was, the afterimage of Tatooine's binary suns burned in her dreams.

Leia did not want that power; it terrified her, for all that Han (as subtle as a turbolaser) tried to reassure her with stray comments about lightsabers coming in handy or how the Force wasn't so mysterious compared to the Falcon 's hyperdrive unit.

Still, every night she was torn in two -- remembering black-clad hands that held her pinned while the only home she'd ever known was vaporized, and wondering when she woke: had Vader but known who she was, might he have thrown the Emperor down a bottomless shaft to save her from such pain?

I love this one because I expected something emo with Kylo Ren. I can't stand Kylo Ren, but Leia is awesome

Untitled by [ profile] doreyg for the prompt Marvel, Loki, and when you get damned in the popular opinion, it’s just another one of the damns you’re not giving

He's become a fairytale now, the type you tell to naughty children to keep them in line. Eat all your greens or you'll become like Loki, don't talk back to me or you'll become like Loki, stray off the beaten path - of most glorious gold - and you'll become like Loki.

And he knows that he should, quite probably, be ashamed; but, honestly, the time for that has long passed now.

2015 was the year I started to find Tom Hiddleston attractive (I blame the BBC adaptation of the Henriad in general and the random bathhouse scene in particular for this) Also, Joanne Harris's The Gospel of Loki is quite wonderful. 

Untitled by[ profile] et_tu_lj for the prompt Bond, Q/Bond, I thought you’d gone

Q does not regret defying an order, violating the Official Secrets Act, traveling to Austria illegally, or even the long, desperate night that ended in a confused embrace and a clumsy kiss; he regrets only that it has ended with 007 gone from his life forever.

Then he hears the sound of the lift. All Q can manage is a feeble remark, but Bond’s rakish smile says they're not finished quite yet.

The scene that launched a thousand ships.

Various, for the prompt Star Trek, Kirk, terrible chat up lines
[ profile] archersangel

Kirk rarely bothers with lines, trying the usual conversation starters about current events or the weather first.

But his favorite one is "If you were a phaser, you'd be set on stunning."

If McCoy is within earshot, he always snorts & rolls his eyes.

by [ profile] pasted

Bright, excited blue eyes met cloudy, serious green ones from across a crowded bar near campus, and then suddenly disappeared. Bones turns to grumble and shout when someone suddenly pushed into his stool from behind but there was a whisper in his ear that stopped him dead.

"Baby, your eyes are like a black hole, they just suck men right in," Jim Kirk couldn't help himself and nipped at his best friend's (sometimes with benefits) ear before standing up straighter and chuckling to himself in pride and chagrin.

by [ profile] zippitgood

 Sulu shouldn’t enjoy watching Jim Kirk in action as much as he does, enjoy the lightning fast flicker play of emotion, tug and pull of seduction oozing out of him even if the words he lets flow are laughable. He shouldn’t shake his head and let Jim catch his eye from across the bar and tilt his head in invitation. He shouldn’t let himself go along because that way lies danger, but then again, he’s a flyboy, what’s life without a little danger?

This prompt was ....surprisingly popular.So many lines, all so terrible. How to choose?


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X-men, Nightcrawler~Wolverine, take me to church, for luckweaver

The Elder Congregation

To Kurt’s surprise, Wolverine remembers when to stand up and when to sit down, and even recognizes some of the more complicated Catholic liturgies, and to his even greater surprise the same tiny female pensioners who gave Kurt a hard time for being German back when he first joined just seem to love Canadians. It takes Kurt half an hour to disentangle Wolverine from the lavender-scented clutches of the elder congregation, and when he’s done his friend just looks at him and growls. “Never speak of this again.”


Star Trek, Kirk/Bones, the inevitable, for luckweaver.

Another Word for Inevitable is Fate

“Do you believe in destiny?”

It’s not Jim’s best chat up line, or even, sad to say, his worst, and Bones looks at him as if he’s crazy. “Of course not,” he says, “I believe in science.”


Greek Mythology, Hades/Persephone, and I'm thrashing on the line/somewhere between desperate and divine, for vialethe


“I wish I was a mortal woman,” she tells him in anguish and fear, because if she was mortal he might not want her.

“You don’t,” he says, eyes hooded. “I should know.”


Greek Mythology, Cassandra/Apollo, Tell you miserable things after you are asleep, for vialethe

A Little Sun

Cassandra cannot hate him conscious, and so she tells soft truths when he’s asleep. She speaks of exactly how he will be forgotten, how the sun itself will be measured and mapped by sharp-eyed men, its power tamed, how somewhere, two thousand years from now, someone will name a plane for their mother and drop a bomb that decimates a land to win a war. “A little sun.”


Marvel, Jane/Thor, witty banter

What Passes As Wit These Days, for unknown

“And then, she says, “you push him off, and say something like ‘have a nice trip’.”

“That’s not witty, that’s psychopathic.”

She shrugs, “To each their own.”

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 The three sentence ficathon this year is over at [personal profile] caramelsilver 's livejournal, and starts on the 27th of November, US time. Visit and have fun!
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...half way and sixty pages through the epic fic of epicness that A Thousand Days is turning out to be. But who cares! BRING ON THE FIC.

Three Sentence Ficathon
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This is great! I love fic challenges, but tend not to prompt myself, so I'm getting into it. None of these are what I would have written, and that is wonderful!

Game of Thrones, Daenerys, I am a lighthouse in a desert and I stand alone, filled by [ profile] silvr_dagger 

She sees it while crossing the Waste, a stone tower standing on the crest of a hill, overlooking a cracked and barren plain. A lighthouse, Jorah tells, relic of oceans long gone dry; the khalasar mutters of haunted ground, and she leads them quickly onward, unwilling to disturb this land's ghosts - but she looks back as she passes and shivers to see it keeping its vigil there, stern and lonely and entirely useless.
It strikes her as a cruel fate, for something meant to light the way, and it seems then as though she cannot put it behind her soon enough - but in the desert of Mereen, she dreams that she stands on a promontory above receding waters to watch the world change beyond reckoning, crowns cast down and empires toppled, and she wakes alone to dust in her throat and the knowledge that she cannot put it behind her at all.


Dragon Age, Varric, writers are liars, my dear, filled by [ profile] classicslover 

Some people never learned not to play Wicked Grace for actual money when Varric was getting ready to publish. Those in the know avoided his legendary poker face. When it was brought to his attention, usually by Aveline, complaining that he had cheated them, Varric simple laughed and explained that fiction was in his blood.

The Hobbit, Thorin Oakenshield, by night all cats are grey, filled by [ profile] nessaniel

Glory has died here, long ago, he had seen it go up in brash gold flames and some ashes are probably best left for the wind to scatter across the lands.
There is no king under the mountain anymore, Thorin thinks, as he looks at his fellowship of lost souls, tinkers, toy makers and strays.
This is all he has, this is all he is: a king of cats.

Assassin's Creed, Altair, scandent, filled by [ profile] backland

Altaïr climbs, as he was born and bred to; trained and honed and disciplined enough that he reached the Master class sooner than anyone else before him, though it never felt like a grand achievement, just another step in the ladder, and maybe that's why when it all came crashing down and he was a novice again it never felt like that much of a shock, because Altaïr knows how to climb down too, knows all the ways that your foothold can slip and sending you tumbling down.
He climbs so that he may bring people with him, clutching at his back, kicking and screaming in their fear of the unknown, of breaking away from the common denominator that keeps them chained to the muck and inequalities and utter unfairness of it all, because it's all they've ever known, yet still Altaïr climbs, because he has risen above and seen what awaits at the uppermost point of humanities potential.
Altaïr changes lives, changes history, and to do so he steps over himself, his hopes and dreams and desires, digs his fingers and the soles of his feet into them and pushes them down so that he may keep going, getting just that much higher, and with each centimeter gained he gets farther and farther away from them until he is so high up that he can no longer see them at all.

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 ASOIF, Arya and Sansa, at the end of all things for [ profile] silvr_dagger 

At The End of All Things

They stand atop the Wall and stare together at the end of the world.The Iron Throne is Sansa's now and she needs no other sword, though Arya beside her carries enough knives for two. Their wolves pace nervously along the ice-slick path that runs along the Wall as they watch the White Walkers come.

FF8,Seifer, now or never for [ profile] adraekh

Now or Never

She said it's now or never, and it should have been never.
Seifer quenches his cigarette with a whisper of frost and thinks how nice it would have been to know that at the time.
Can't go back,” he says, and takes her hand.

FF10, Auron, journey's end for [ profile] silvr_dagger

Journey's End

We will make a flute from your bones,” the Ronso promises as he leans over Auron's body.
Auron opens his mouth to tell the Ronso he doesn't care what happens to his bones as long the Ronso promises to do as Auron tells him, but there is a sharp pain in his chest and he is very, very tired.
He takes a deep breath and holds it as long as he can before he exhales with a sigh, and then he's gone.

The Borgias, Lucrezia/Cesare, bound in blood for [ profile] caramelsilver

A Rose for the Borgias

The rose is egg- yolk yellow, as yellow as the leaves that float down the Tiber in autumn to rot. Lucrezia takes the flower by its stem without flinching and wonders whether to tell Cesare that yellow roses symbolize infidelity.
But then, she thinks, why else would he have given me a rose?

Twelfth Night, Viola, fluid, for [ profile] lizzie_marie_23


She has heard there is a land far from Illyria where they call the demi monde the floating world, where courtesans and acrobats mingle in the lantern light beside fast flowing rivers as they ply their water trade and boys and girls are never what they seem. Viola has always found the description peculiarly appropriate.
Women are like water, she thinks as she painstakingly glues the first of many boars' bristles onto her upper lip, they always change

Dragon Age:Origins: any origin + any other origin, you think you've had it tough? for [ profile] classicslover

Two Fantasy Protagonists

We 'ad to catch a nug every morning for breakfast with a broken piece of string just to stay alive,” Warden Brosca said, frowning so the casteless brand on her cheek creased into a dark smudge, “and then for afters Ma'd let us lick the lichen from the rocks for dessert.”
Warden Mahariel raised one elegant Elvish eyebrow; “My mother was eaten by wolves,” she said, “and every morning my old aunt'd make us climb seven hundred feet straight up a kauri tree to scrape off a handful of moss from the topmost branches for our breakfast, and that was our only meal of the day, and the Dalish don't believe in dessert.”
All right, said Warden Brosca grudgingly around another mouthful of ale, “you win.”

Inception, Ariadne/Arthur, slow dancing around the living room at three am to Frank Sinatra, for anonymous.

You and Frank Sinatra

They finish the maze, finally, in the living room of Ariadne's new apartment in Barcelona, at quarter to three in the morning and there's not a soul awake in the building except Arthur and Ariadne and the husky voice of Frank Sinatra on the midnight radio. Ariadne yanked the carpet up hours ago to draw patterns on the floorboards, and Arthur traces the route through the maze with the toe of his chalk-scuffed wingtip, singing one more for my baby and one more for the road.
Somewhere along the line the tap of feet on floorboards becomes a jaunty dance, and when Ariadne protests sotto voce that he'll wake the neighbours he switches to a waltz and removes an imaginary hat with a flourish as he holds out a hand to her in the monochrome moonlight, a moment so strange and so beautiful that Ariadne thinks it belongs in a dream.


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It's that time of the year again folks, so head on over and start writing some stories...


For [ profile] adraekh , ASOIAF/Harry Potter, Malfoy/Joffrey, dueling.


"Malfoy," said Joffrey with a smirk. "Isn't that Tyroshi for bad faith?"
Think my name's funny, do you?" said Draco, and drew his wand. 

For [ profile] licoricealsorts , FF9, Vivi, fire.


"How do you do that?" asks Zidane as he runs his fingers across the hole Vivi burned into the ice, reaching into the dripping aperture to scoop up a vial of ether.
Vivi shrugs.
He watches Zidane's warm breath smoke in the air and wonders why they all hold fire within them but only he can cast it out.

For [ profile] adraekh , myth, Gilgamesh, regret.

The Hymn of Gilgamesh

The kingdom of Uruk is yours, Gilgamesh. our deeds are mighty, Gilgamesh, your buildings magnificent, your triumphs spectacular, you surpass all other kings, O Gilgamesh.
The guilt is yours, Gilgamesh, your lamentations silent, Gilgamesh, your quest is worthless, Gilgamesh; your hands are blood from the death of Enkidu.

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 For [ profile] silvr_dagger Pacific Rim, Newt Geiszler, What it's like to empathize more with the monsters than the ones who kill them.

 The Cheap Seats

 Newt stares enraptured at the kaiju while the folk around him flee. It's primitive, gargantuan, it's awesome, it's terrific, it's the greatest show on earth and it's playing to an audience of one.

The monster's eyes gleam with alien intelligence as it reaches out to smash a helicopter against a building; and for a moment, as its scales gleam like diamonds and the spotlights dance across its hide, Newt wants the kaiju to win.

 For [ profile] silvr_dagger Pacific Rim, Mako Mori and Stacker Pentecost, apocalypse lullaby.

 When the World Ends, Collect Your Things, You're Coming With Me

 "From ghosties and ghoulies and long legged beasties, and things that go bump in the night, may-the-good-lord-deliver-us-amen," Mako chants, and turns the prayer that Stacker's mother taught her into a singsong lullaby.

"Nobody's coming to deliver us," Stacker corrects her. "We have to save ourselves."

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For [ profile] scripps Being Human (UK), George/Mitchell, hair pulling (the pleasant kind).


George's head tingles at the touch of threadbare woollen gloves on his scalp; a pleasurable thrill that starts at his ears and trickles delightfully down his spine to his cock, where it fizzles out enjoyably in a way that has George clutching at the arms of his chair and thinking that surely Mitchell doesn't realise how much that turns him on.

"You're very quiet," Mitchell says;"what's up?"

"Oh," George gasps, "-nothing."

[ profile] silvr_dagger The Hunger Games, any Career, for I have seen no joy, only danger.


The unofficial slogan of the Hunger Games is 'may the odds be ever in your favour', but there's another slogan the careers toss around which reads, 'to the victor, goes the spoils.'

Glimmer spoils everything she touches, but she never thinks outside the box; she never considers that there might be another way and she never spoils the rules.

It is her last mistake.

For [ profile] scripps, LOTR, Aragorn/Legolas, finding excuses to see one another.


"Can't it wait?" Legolas says irritably, "I'm just testing my bow."

"You should wield an axe," says Gimli; "it's much simpler; none of those pesky tests you seem to be busy with these days."

"I'll consider it," says Legolas; uncertain whether Gimli is as oblivious as he seems or whether he is being mocked, and suspecting the latter.

He meets Aragorn anyway.

For [ profile] meridian_rose, The Borgias, Rodrigo, Power

Castel Sant'Angelo

Rodrigo stands on the summit of the Castel Sant'Angelo and thinks; not for the first time; that he walks in the footsteps of the Caesars.

He's heard that the emperors of old hired slaves to stand behind them in their chariots and whisper 'Remember you are mortal' as they rode through the crowds, and has long since resolved to taste every pleasure, every sin and luxury his power can offer before he dies.

"Remember you are mortal," the city murmurs, and Rodrigo says, "I know."

For [ profile] scrippsInception, Arthur/Eames, tease/flirt,

an old joke, but a good one

"You could have dreamed a bigger gun," says Eames.

"Maybe I don't need a gun," Arthur says, and strikes a stupid kung fu pose that doesn't sit well with his suit; "Your crouching tiger style is no match for my hidden dragon."

"You want to see my hidden dragon?" Eames says, raising one eyebrow, and Arthur can't stop himself from blushing.

For anonymous, Discworld, Sam Vimes, darkness

The light and the darkness

"Don't you need a light?" calls Sybil from the stairs when Vimes is half way down into the cellars.

The cellars are as nothing compared to the darkness of the mines, and Vimes knows that nothing more threatening than a stubbed toe lurks within their depths. He doesn't need the light, but the husband and father that he is at that moment would; so he says "Yes dear," to Sybil, and holds his hand out for the lantern that she offers.

For [ profile] scripps, Star Trek Reboot, Bones/Jim, trust.

The Hippocratic Oath

"Trust me," Bones says as he poises the scalpel over Jim's leg, "I'm a doctor, and we take an oath to do no harm."

"Does it say you have to do any good?" Jim asks through clenched teeth.

"Well," says Bones as the scalpel descends, "not as such."

For [ profile] starbrowsings, Firefly, Serenity/any, "that's my girl"


Mal has no doubt that Serenity has a soul. Only Zoe has saved his life more times than the ship, and that's if you didn't count what would have happened if Mal'd been forced to stay planetside.

He knows her moods as well as he understands the crew's-far better, in Inara's case- and as they hurtle towards Miranda, he knows they're all stressed close to breaking.

"There," he murmurs as he strokes the bulkhead; "that's my girl."

For [ profile] silvr_dagger, Pacific Rim, Newt/Hermann, There's no Lord to forgive me and physics is tricky, so all that I'm left with is you

For Science

"But it doesn't make sense," Hermann wails, one hand splayed on Newt's bare hip.

"That's because this isn't science," explains Newt."It's love."

For [ profile] betonyb, Howl's Moving Castle, Fanny Hatter, marry in haste, repent in--not if she has anything to say about it.


"Well, you know what they say," Fanny says as she glances nervously over her shoulder at Calcifer simmering beneath the grate, "marry in haste, repent at leisure."

She lifts up the tablecloth surreptitiously, as if Howl might pop out at any moment; but he is nowhere in sight so she lays it back down and tries to pretend that it never moved in the first place.

"I might," Sophie retorts, "if I had any leisure at all."

For [ profile] seasight, The Road to El Dorado/The Emperor's New Groove, a motley crew cross paths


They are somewhere in Peru when Miguel does a double take and says "Is that a talking llama?"

"Tourists!" The Llama makes a rude noise.

Chel touches his arm lightly. ""Miguel, honey, just keep walking."

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 For [ profile] silvr_dagger , Firefly, any, some of us are pirates/some of us are damned/but all of us need all of us to ever find the land


"What's that?" asks River as she peers at the Shepherd, inhaling the scent of old books in the dry shipboard air. "Is it a song?"
"It's not a song," replies Shepherd Book, "it's scripture." 
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The meme's ending soon (what will  do with my evenings?) so go check things out, if you haven't already!

For [personal profile] rthstewart , Temeraire/historical RPF; Dragons, RAF Never was so much owed by so many to so few

Operation Chastise

"Bombs away!" cried Gibson as George sent Wallis' bouncing bomb spinning down towards the darkly shining water with a single flick of his curved talons. Gibson peered down past the Lancaster's olive-green shoulder to follow the bomb as it fell, and in the erratic light of the flashes of anti-aviator fire that lit up George's cloud-pale belly as if it was already Christmas morning, he saw the bomb bounce once, bounce twice and sink without a trace before it even reached the dam.

"Dammit!" Gibson swore briskly through his teeth and called to George for more height, feeling the massive wings beat slowly below him as they curved away to make room for Hopwood's dragon to take her own run.

For [personal profile] degrees , Assassin's Creed, Altair/Malik, Military AU

I know precisely what is meant by 'commissariat.'

"The trouble with you, Private ibn La'Ahad," said Captain Malik al-Sayf of the Army of Assassins' Intelligence and Logistical Corps. "is that you never know the best time not to fight."

"At least I can fight," Altaïr protested, his words loud in the sudden, icy silence of the commissariat.

"We need people who can stop fighting when they're told," Malik snapped, "just as much as we need people who can start."

[personal profile] betony , Much Ado About Nothing, Hero & Don John & his henchmen, "I am quiet and gentle and shy, my lords; but in no way am I merciful."

Merciful Grace

"Mercy?" Don John suggested to his assailant as Dogberry and Verges dropped their swords and slouched away into the shadows.

The figure that Don John had mistaken for Claudio tipped up her velvet mask and smiled coldly at Don John as he recoiled from the pitiless expression in her dark and lovely eyes and the bared blade held loosely in her hand.

"Mercy, my lord?"  Hero said softly, "I am quiet, and gentle, and shy, but in no way am I merciful."

For [personal profile] degrees , Assassin's Creed, Altair/Malik, can you keep a secret?


"Can you keep a secret?"

"Yes," said Malik," but that is not the question. The question is , can you keep silent?"

For [personal profile] rthstewart , Vorkosigan series; Ivan; competency


Spoilers for 'Cetaganda'.

"You are," the ghem-lady gasped as she arched back across the cushions, panting and spent, "...more than competent, Lord Vorpatril."

Ivan gritted his teeth and cursed Lord Yenaro and his own un-co-operative anatomy to the stars before he turned to her companion.

"On Barrayar there are four stages of competency, my lady," he purred, "let me show you them."

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I should really post this, the link to the new meme that ate my brain. Much easier than scifibigbang!
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 for [personal profile] vialethe , Game of Thrones, Tyrion, I know no matter what you say/there's some debts you'll never pay


"The Lannisters made you, and we can-I can- unmake you just as easily," snarls Lord Tywin.

"The Lannisters merely gave me the clay," says Tyrion. "I made myself."

for [personal profile] tiny_white_hats , Firefly, Wash/Zoe, when we're older

When I am old I will do all those things    

"When we get old," she says sleepily, "we'll look up at the stars and tell our children how we went there, and we'll say the spaceships were better in our days."

"Sure," he says, running a finger through her dark hair, "we'll tell the kids."

"We'll do all those things," she says, "we'll do all those things when we're older."

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 for [personal profile] mardypants , Earthsea, Azver/Irian, only a warrior would fall in love with a dragon.


'There are many explanations, but nobody can explain away a dragon. They can't explain the haughty arch of her neck, the war-banners of her scaled wings, the dark gleam of her eyes. Irian is beyond any explanations; beyond even words, and the one thing Azver cannot explain is why any man would not fall in love with her on sight.'

and for 

[personal profile] hostilecrayon 's prompt , Assassin's Creed, Malik, still strong

The Fury of a Patient Man


'The Templars mistake his missing arm for weakness, but Malik is still strong.

He's strong enough to ignore every insult, every casual slight; strong enough to wait, gathering information piece by careful piece and learning everything he can about his enemy until he knows just where to strike; strong enough to bank the embers of his anger so they smoulder slowly instead of bursting into flame.

He's strong enough to teach the Templars one last lesson; beware the fury of a patient man.'

and for [personal profile] vialethe , Firefly, River, but still the world turns on its axis/and we make circles so we can match it


'The world turns; and River turns with it. She circles in a slow dance, her skirts spread in a chrysanthemum swirl, rotating  slowly so that everything around her spins like satellites around her perfect sun.

Jayne watches her from a safe distance and mutters "I always knew that girl was gorram crazy."'


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