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Posted some more Rogue One fic on my AO3 account:

Title: Rise Like Demons
Fandom: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Canonical character deaths, explosions
Summary: The stormtroopers on Scarif think they've won. A short four-chapter fic exploring the last thirty minutes of the movie from the stormtroopers' POV.

The airwaves are alive...

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I wrote this fic for a Christmas exchange and realised I never posted it. I hope you enjoy. Malik and Altair in time travel adventures-what's not to like?

Title: By The Stars Men Guide Themselves.
Fandom: Assassin's Creed
Rating: PG-13, for stabbing.
Warnings: Mild peril. Disney death(no blood).
Summary: When Altair and Malik steal an Apple of Eden from the Templars in Persepolis-they all get more than they bargained for. Travelling forwards in time, they meet their successors and try to unravel the mysteries of the Eden fragments. Standalone, but part of my Crusades series.
God sets on the earth landmarks, and by the stars men guide themselves...
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A little late on my New Year post this year as we spent New Years' halfway up a mountain without cell phone signal or Internet. It was a pretty good way to see out the old year and welcome a new one in. As Jo Walton quotes, I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. I'm not at all religious (lapsed methodist) but it's true; there is salvation somewhere on those slopes.

Last year was good for us, though I set no goals. 2016 has been a dismal year politically, but another good one personally. We got married-something which I thought I'd never do-and had an amazing honeymoon. My dad survived open heart surgery, and barring a few ropey days at the beginning, has improved steadily throughout the year. The business I started last year has done well. I wrote over 45000 words (not great compared to previous years) but got paid for writing for the first time (yay!). I also found my first full-length grey hair (boo) and became a dedicated plotter rather than a pantser (which, you know, interesting). 

Goals for next year:  


We'd like to buy a house. In the current financial market it's a pain in the arse 'cause I work for myself. So 50/50 on this one. This is a pretty big goal, so I'd add making enough money for the bank to consider us worthy of a mortgage to that.  


Submit at least four original pieces.

Edit and submit my werewolves-and druids fic, The Sickle And The Sword, to at least one market.  

Write more words than this year! Wedding planning really shot my word count in the head between January and June. 


This year I've started tracking the 72 Japanese seasons with an app on my phone and writing new season names based on what's going on here in rural East Anglia. It'd be good to keep up with that.  So far there's been Deer Shed Antlers (Turkeys Sigh in Relief) and Grass Sprouts Beneath Snow (Ice Forms on Puddles, Causing Delays) No idea how accurate this is, as I don't speak Japanese.

Ambitious, maybe
And damn, Bowie and Cohen. 


Jun. 21st, 2014 04:16 pm
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 I love Marie's Brennan's books and am delighted to announce that one of my entries won her Design Your Own Dragon competition. The 'Mrtyahaiman mew' a dragon whose behaviour was partly based upon the New Zealand Kea (insert obligatory wikipedia entry here) will be mentioned in the next book in her series, the Natural History of Dragons!

Mrtyahaiman Mew

A small drake measuring no more than thirty centimetres at the shoulder, this species is called the 'noisy trickster' by locals, as well as epithets not appropriate to repeat. Although they meet all other criteria, mews do not have any special property to their breath and are thus classified as draconic cousins rather than true drakes. Their name derives from their distinctive call which resembles the mew of a cat.

Mews are typically black with bronze tones to their scales, although brown and even albino specimens have been noted. Flocks of up to thirty individuals have been sighted but they are most often seen in groups of three or four.  They are intelligent and resourceful creatures and are often attracted to human settlements, where they pillage shiny objects and scavenge through rubbish pits and middens. This behaviour has sometimes led to them becoming unpopular with humans. 

Mews love fatty foods and have been known to land on the back of sheep to pick out pieces of flesh. There are legends of mews stampeding flocks of sheep or goats over cliffs to feast upon the remains, though this has never been reliably documented.

A gathering of mews is called a festival.

You could enter the competition three times-so I did. These are the other entries I submitted who didn't make it into the book.

Eiversch sea-drake (inspired by the New Zealand fiords and the nocturnal kakapo)

This striking dragon inhabits the steep forested fiords of far northern Eiverheim. Slate-grey in colour, with white belly and ventral wing membrane, the hill-drake is notable for its unusual mating behaviour. Males and females live separately except during the mating season, when the male climbs to the top of a mountain and builds a curved structure which resembles a small amphitheatre from loose stones. Once the structure has been completed the male drake positions himself in the centre of the amphitheatre and emits a loud booming roar to attract a female. Mature males can be easily distinguished by their throat-pouch and exceptionally large ruff, both used to amplify the call. Their mating cries can be heard for several kilometres downwind.

 It is said that in times long past sailors visiting the fiords would often be kept awake by the constant roaring of the beasts, which alas are now quite rare. They feed mainly on fish and sea-mammals such as seals or small whales and are most accomplished hunters; the sight of a full grown male hill-drake swooping across the mirrored waters of the fiords to seize a porpoise in its claws is not easily forgotten.

Mrtyahaiman shadow-serpent, or Lesser Penumbra. (inspired by the Stewart Island kiwi)

A draconic cousin, this nocturnal species is small in size, measuring less than a metre in length from nose to tail. Despite this, its bones are the densest of any dragon and even small specimens can weigh upwards of a hundred kilos.

The shadow-serpent's short, squat form, with vestigial wings, a long muzzle and very short tail, is perfectly adapted to foraging through the dense forests of the Mrtyahaima lowlands. Their colouration is dark brown, though they are variably silver-grey on head and wings. This pigment is not natural to the serpent, and is thought to originate from dust-bathing. They breathe large quantities of dense smoke which assists concealment while hunting for nocturnal rodents, insects, and small birds. Like many nocturnal creatures, they have small eyes, an excellent sense of smell and superior hearing. Rarely seen, they are extremely difficult to capture due to their keen senses.

The Lesser Penumbra has the largest egg to body ratio of any dragon.

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"Born Edmund Scarasso, Lord Iron had taken his father's title and lands and ridden them, first to war, then to power, and finally to a notorious fame."
from 'The Cambist and Lord Iron', by Daniel Abraham.


'In the centre of the arrangement she hangs her own war standard, the torn coin-and-comet pennant that rallied her Dukes on the day the rebellion began, on the day it ended, and on all the days between."
from 'The Traitor Baru Cormorant, Her Field-General, And Their Wounds' by Seth Dickinson.

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After the madness of the three sentence ficathon and a few unhappy weeks of writer's block*, I just received my prompt for the Not Prime Time 2013 challenge and I think I know where to go, and it is awesome. Also, sex comedy. Happy to be writing something, even if fanfic distracts me from writing anything else, because I think I know where to go with the original Iceni/Roman werewolf tale now as well.

So of COURSE I just wrote 2500 words of Assassin's Creed/District 13 crossover for my own amusement.

If anyone out there can speak French, drop me a line, I may have a beta for you.

I am also ridiculously pleased to find that Marie Brennan's superb Victorian/fairy novel With Fate Conspire cites Sydney Padua's equally amazing webcomic 2D Goggles as a Babbage/Lovelace reference. Ha


ah jesus

Jan. 28th, 2013 09:44 pm
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 ...signups are opening for the [ profile] scifibigbang challenge. They're doing a 10k MiniBang this year, which seems more doable, so I may sign up for that.  


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