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And I hope whererver you are that Chsirmas doesn't suck.
A small Christmas present. I got some wonderful fanart for my fic Tear Up That Flag!
I suck at image hosting and manipulation, so hopefully this should work. In case this doesn't work, it's a very strung-out looking Bodhi Rook
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This Christmas I participated in a fic/art Christmas exchange: I wrote the AC short Tale of the Thief, which I'll post here soon after editing, and received this awesome piece of fanart for my AC Crusaders series in return. I love all the little details, like the Apple, Nusaybah's scarf, and the eagle feathers. And that's Malik, Altair, Nusaybah and Marid around the edges of the map. I have a particular weakness for fanart that doesn't show the characters faces, but I also got another character piece of Malik too1 I love love love fanart :D
A great way to start the year.

crusade cover

malik character art
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I nearly forgot! Another three sentence fill, The Most Stupid Disguise Ever for the prompt: Assassin's Creed, Altair and Malik, Prohibition AU, by the awesome caroline
I love this one :) Especially the smug smile on Altair's face.

three sentence comic
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I have fanart for A Thousand Days! Drawn by the amazing Caroline Parkinson

My favorite parts are the tiny steps on the right hand side. That,and the figures. Malik always looks so exasperated.

A Thousand Days cover

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Matt Rhodes gives a masterclass in concept art on his blog here and discusses his work on Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Creators speaking about the creative process push all my buttons, I'm particularly partial to Mr Rhodes' art, and I love in particular his version of the Synthesis ending; a leap into that peculiarly Frost-ian spring light that's nether green nor gold.

Can you tell which ending I picked? *grin*

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Also, this awesome Mass Effect/Dr Who mashup fanart from DA's neveziel is worth a look. His/her gallery is seriously awesome.


Oct. 24th, 2012 09:34 pm
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I got some fanart for my fic  Favour of Heaven courtesy of wyrd! Altair and Malik on the cathedral (they're listening to the Cambridge Singers' Hymn to the Virgin, and I don't care if it is anachronistic) Go see it here on deviantart!
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...that I forgot to post before. Malik and Marid in the Basilica cistern under Istanbul. More info about the cistern, which is Roman and all sorts of awesome, can be found here. Stealth fanart for a scene that doesn't even come close to appearing in any of my fics, but very much appreciated.

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Some beautiful Assembly of Bones fanart by caroline who wrote: 'I seem to specialise in illustrating scenes from this story that don't actually exist. Malik is recuperating and Marid's confidence has increased enough for him to climb the aqueduct by himself.'

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Some great AC fanart by [ profile] auragirl  . Malik,Altair, and a very sexy Adha.Find her website and portfolio here Apologies for not posting earlier, but I received this just before my life went splong.
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Title: An Assembly of Bones (3/?)
Fandom: Assassin's Creed.
Spoilers: Post-game.
Rating: PG-15.
Warnings: Mild violence.
Summary: Malik finds the Garden of the Hesperides, and a great deal of trouble... 


The Templars caught up with them two days out of the nomad camp... )
I got some more fanart from caroline! This scene ended up not making it into the fic, but it's awesome. Malik and Marid, searching Istanbul's Basilica cistern for another Eden fragment. You can find it here, and you can find more about the Basilica cistern here


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Title: An Assembly of Bones (2/?)
Fandom:Assassin's Creed.
Spoilers: Post game.
Warnings: Mild violence.
Summary: Malik finally gets a lead on the location of another Eden fragment and Altair recieves an unexpected visitor...

It seems you have forgotten what it means to wield a blade... )

I have another piece of fanart! Find a picture of Nusaybah by caroline at her website over here.
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Title: An Assembly of Bones.
Fandom: Assassin's Creed.
Spoilers:  think this story arc is quite possibly an AU by now.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: As my sister pointed out, Malik has extracted a kid from one terrorist organisation only to recruit him into his own. This is what social services calls 'grooming', kids. And it's bad.
Summary: Direct sequel to my fic The Word of God and the Treasures of Wisdom. Malik and Altair have spent the last two years travelling the world, using Altair's knowledge to discover the hidden Eden fragments and keep them from the Templars. When Altair is summoned back to Masyaf to take up the mantle of the Grand Master of the Assassins and Malik searches for an Eden fragment in the fables Garden of the Hesperides, they both get more than they bargained for... 
The plain was the colour of bones, bleached white by the midday sun... )

This fic was inspired by doubleleaf's 'New Order' picture, which is on deviantart here It also already has fanart: check caroline's picture of Malik and Marid out over here
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 that's not what I meant.....
Altair and Malik by caroline parkinson
*Disclaimer* Caroline  posted this due to Kate's lack of html skillz. I am her sister. I have spent the last five years misusing a degree in Illustration.
PS: sketchblog link  above contains scenes of morris dancing. I do apologize.
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 I got fanart for The Word of God! From somebody not related to me! From [info]nerrianah, in fact! And it is good! Go check it out here! 'Altair and Malik, in the desert, with camels!
communi_kate: (Default) the lovely caroline parkinson
The story was written for Heaven and Hell month at the community 'the book of imaginary beasts', who I can't seem to link directly to, for some reason.


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