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I love dragons. Everyone loves dragons, right? Everything is better with dragons.Your day would be better, if only it had dragons.
So if you have a bad case of dragon-deficiency, go on over to the lovely [ profile] rthstewart 's journal and read her essay on dragons with an extra snippet of Narnia/Temeraire fic added on
Uncommonly good of you, Volkan...
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 I listen to podcasts several times a week, usually while running, and grade them by how much I forget that I'm running. I'm not that fit, and running hurts. If I'm lucky one podcast will distract me for the whole thirty or forty minutes. If I'm not, my mind constantly wanders and my legs ache twice as much. Occasionally, I'll hit a story that makes me wish my run was longer. This is one of those stories.  

Now it's no secret that I'm a sucker for well-told tales of the Islamic Golden Age in general and Saladin Ahmed's writing in particular. This story's basically a deconstruction of several characters in Spencer's Faerie Queen. It's a blast, and you should go check it out.

"Without Faith, Without Law, Without Joy" by Saladin Ahmed, on
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So..., concerning the 2013 retrospective and the aforementioned Possibly Very Bad News that I'm waiting to hear...I seem to recall [ profile] ignipes  
 having a recent post about early SPN fandom and her fondness for Boys In Cages, which are two interests I also share...

So..., The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug features Thorin Oakenshield. During the events of the film, the dwarves are locked in cages. Therefore, there HAS to be fic (don't interrupt me) in which Thorin is locked within a cage. Except I cannot find it...

So...,anyone got any recommendations (or failing that, just good fic recs)
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 It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person who has seen the Hobbit must be in want of Thorin Oakenshield fan fictions. Has anyone got any recommendations? I'd love to read something gen about Thorin and the dwarves wandering Middle-Earth before the events of the Hobbit. Most of the stuff I've read seems to be Bilbo/Thorin which is all very well but you know ADVENTURES! Also, Richard Armitage in full dwarf drag and shirtsleeves doing manly things with metal and hammers.   
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 Saw the Avengers movie last night and am busily working my way through [ profile] karenhealey 's fic rec list. It's awesome, but I still have a hankering for a fic where Black Widow and Hawkeye fight crime and flirt by being perfectly ruthless and professional and competent. Does anyone know of one?

If not I may have to write one. 
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yet another fic rec: John Scalzi's 'Shadow War of the Night Dragons Volume One: The Dead City', found here on An April Fool's parody of traditional fantasy tropes, which I would totally buy. If only it wasn't fictional.

The best part is the debate about ripping-off of titles on the comments. Unsurprisingly, as an Amazon search for fantasy books with 'shadow' in the title  yielded 1,354 results, 'night' 1,073 and 'dragon' 4,369.

fic rec

Dec. 19th, 2011 09:54 pm
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Go read [ profile] arugentine 's darkly wonderful AC kinkmeme fic 'eclipse' here at her journal. The Templars and the Assassins switch places. It's dark, but not kinky in the least. And now I must go and write myself, and maybe go to bed. 
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I have [ profile] masseffect secret santa fic from [ profile] doomhobbit , whose wonderful Xmas gift included mixes for my ME fics Cities In Dust and The Importance of Names, as well as the epic fic Diary of a Space Hamster. 

Go read the fic here!
Music mixes for those who are interested are here.
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 So I won a competition for a pair of signed books by Marie Brennan-the awesome swan_tower on livejournal! They're a duology? called Warrior and Witch. I've read them before and have copies but they're not signed so this is awesome! The competition is run on the Beneath Ceaseless Skies podcast magazine, which is also awesome. Would highly recommend them to anybody.
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 If any of you are into Japanese literature, you should go and read the awesome fic On the Moonlit Road of Dreams by the extremely talented mithen. It's a fantastic Heian-era mystery story where Sei Shonagon, author of the Pillow Book, and Murasaki Shikibu, author of the Tales of Murasaki, solve a crime by, among other things, identifying the manufacturer of a particular brand of perfume.Happy reading!


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