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It's that time of the year again...apocalyptothon!*

I was lucky enough to receive a great fic which managed to fulfill both my rarepairfest and apocalyptothon prompts: Queen In The North by brutti_ma_buoni. Go read it over here on AO3!
The story's mildly Sansa/Brienne (and anyone who needs convincing should go read the Toast's magnificent essay on the subject here).

*okay, it was apocalyptothon a couple of weeks ago: I've been busy.
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Title: Hunting The Hare
Fandom: Game of Thrones
Rating: 15
Warnings: Innuendo and bad jokes
Summary: Catelyn learns that hunting hares means something different in the North. Written for the rarepairfest over on AO3.

I have something to tell you...
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 The Toast writes a glorious mashup of Redwall and Game of Thrones here

 A sample: "Even the strongest and bravest must sometimes weep. It shows they have a great heart, one that can feel compassion for others. You are brave, Matthias. Already you have done great things for one so young. I am only a simple country-bred fieldmouse, but even I can see the courage and leadership in you. A burning brand shows the way, and each day your flame grows brighter. There is none like you, Matthias. You have the sign of greatness upon you. One day Redwall and all the land will be indebted to you. Matthias, you are a true Warrior.
Matthias, your entire family is dead and your lands have been burned and salted by Northern bannerman and also I’m betraying you and I’m going to use your skin to make a bagpipe and I’m going to play rude songs about your dead father on that bagpipe and then I’m going to set you and your pregnant wife on fire, Matthias."

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 for [personal profile] vialethe , Game of Thrones, Tyrion, I know no matter what you say/there's some debts you'll never pay


"The Lannisters made you, and we can-I can- unmake you just as easily," snarls Lord Tywin.

"The Lannisters merely gave me the clay," says Tyrion. "I made myself."

for [personal profile] tiny_white_hats , Firefly, Wash/Zoe, when we're older

When I am old I will do all those things    

"When we get old," she says sleepily, "we'll look up at the stars and tell our children how we went there, and we'll say the spaceships were better in our days."

"Sure," he says, running a finger through her dark hair, "we'll tell the kids."

"We'll do all those things," she says, "we'll do all those things when we're older."


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